Staying Organized as a Busy Mama

Do you feel like your world is sometimes spinning out of control and you can’t quite keep everything organized? OOPS I forgot to the pay the water bill..I really hope they don’t turn my water off. We are all guilty of this, or maybe it’s just me. Yes, this has happened multiple times at our house because it’s so hard to keep up with kids, schedules, dinner, appointments, bills, life, etc.

Today, I am going to show you my absolute new obsession of the year and it really has helped me stay completely organized and it’s actually fun because it’s SOOOOO cute!! Orrrr maybe I’m just a weirdo mom and love office supplies. Yep, that’s probably the one.


I’m such a sucker for anything cute. Anything with quotes. Anything you can personalize. This is that thing. 3 n 1.


Isn’t this the truth? We work really hard as mamas so we better be playin’ real hard too (without our kids sometimes).


This is just a snapshot of the full February calendar. LOOK AT THAT QUOTE!

Every month has a cute inspiring quote and who doesn’t need some inspiration in their life?


Here is a sample of my week and how I plan.

I put bill drafts.

I write down appointments in red.

They have these cute birthday stickers in the back and you won’t ever run out.

I write down errands and tasks I need to complete on the left under goals and notes.

I write my dinner plans for each night at the bottom under Meals, Plans, Exercise, Daily Dos.

Who has time to exercise? Not me. I envy those who do.


I even write down play dates, church, grocery store outings.

I’m not going to forget a thing!

Did I mention I lurrrrrveee it?


In the back of the planner, there is a place for notes. PAGES N PAGES PEOPLE!

Did I mention I love this thing?

IMG_2001 IMG_2002 IMG_2003

There are birthday stickers, appointment stickers, mani-pedi stickers, Hair appt., blank stickers, and MORE!

I am obsessed. Have I mentioned that yet?


There is a really cute pocket folder holder at the back of the planner. You can keep loose papers in there y’all!

Have they thought of it all?


Then, there is a zip pouch. The best thing? It comes with personalized stickers! What? And even personalized cards!


Here is the back. YES, you get to pick a photo!

Please get one of these. It will really change your life.

They’re called Erin Condren planners and NO THIS IS NO ADVERTISEMENT.

Just a crazy girl who really loves her stuff.

I have to go. My baby just fell backwards and bonked his head. Oh, the life of a mom. I hope you can figure out how to stay organized! I will make another organization post in the near-future!

Happy Monday!




5 thoughts on “Staying Organized as a Busy Mama

  1. I’m with you! On being a busy mama (I overdrafted TWICE and that NEVER happens, whaaa?) and also on anything CUTE-QUOTES-PERSONALIZATION!!! 🙂 Great planner and very inspiring. I can’t believe I’ve managed my entire mama-life without one so far… time to invest???


    • Thank you so much! I can’t believe you have either.. 1st year of being a mama and not sure how I would make it without mine. Get you one! It’ll be worth it and since it is so adorable you’ll be motivated to get organized!


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